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We are your local home appliance and refrigeration experts covering Benoni area. We repair all makes and models of home appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridges, freezers, stoves and ovens in Benoni All repairs are done at your premises, we do not take your appliances away. All our work is guaranteed for 6 months and our technicians are highly qualified and experienced.

With over 25 years of experience in the appliance industry, having served over 35,000 customers in the last five years alone, we are proud of our exceptional results and will continue to provide good service in the future. ​Many have tried to copy us, from content on our website, the way we operate, even our name, but have failed. There is only one, genuine ELECTRO SERVICE! 

Our Services

Washing Machine Repairs

Washing machine, one appliance that life would be very difficult without. When it is operating properly and washing our dirty laundry for us, we tend to not even notice it exists. However, when it breaks down, either from wear and tear, improper use or some other reason, we realize its importance in our daily lives...

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Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwasher... One has to wonder how people washed dishes before the dishwasher was invented... By hand? - Noooo way! ...Jokes aside. Dishwasher is one of the most convenient appliances ever invented. Just think of a Sunday afternoon braai and a pile of dirty dishes. Nobody likes washing them, right? Problem is when you have a lot of dirty dishes and the dishwasher has broken down...

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Tumble Dryer Repairs

Rainy weaher, winter, frost and other weather conditions that prevent laundry from drying quickly outside have made some guy think hard and come up with an invention that has most certainly made a lot of people happy: TUMBLE DRYER. It is so convenient! A pile of washing, baby clothes, etc, it would take forever to dry outside. Tumble Dryer will do this job for you perfectly and amazingly quick. But the problem is when the dryer broke down and the weather outside is awful...

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Fridge Repairs

Can you imagine your life without the fridge? No, I don't think you can! Imagine going to shops every day and buying only food that you have to eat today, because you have nowhere to preserve it for longer... This is why we have refrigerators, to preserve our food. Nobody wants to eat food that has perished. Your refrigerator keeps your groceries fresh for long. When the fridge breaks down it becomes a huge problem!

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Freezer Repairs

Like the fridge, freezer is another thing you cannot be without, especially if you are one of those people who like buying meat in bulk or if you went hunting, your freezer is stacked with meat and suddenly you find it starting to defrost. Just the thought of losing so many groceries is unbearable. When you notice a problem with your freezer, don't wait for it to get better on it's own, it won't! Call for service right away.

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Oven and Stove Repairs

Some people don't like to cook or bake. Period! But some do. Whether you like to cook or not, you most probably have an oven or a stove in your home. Lets say you decide to bake a cake for the family that is coming over. You turn the oven on and it trips the lights in the house. Oops! The oven is broken. Now, that could be a problem, right?

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What we can offer you

Same day service at no additional cost

6 (six) months guarantee on all workmanship and parts

Affordable pricing

Charge per job and not per hour

Every repair is done right every time

Weekend (Saturday) appointments at no extra charge

No call out fee if your appliance is repaired

Huge experience in the appliance industry

Factory trained technicians

We leave your home clean like we found it

Areas that we cover


Mackenzie Park, Dewald Hattingh Park, Actonville, Wattville, Rynsoord, New Modder, Kleinfontein, Highway Park, Benoni East, Hillcrest, Van Ryn, Crystal Park, Rynpark, Rynfield, Benoni North, Brentwood Park, Norton Park, Northvilla, Goedburg, Faramere, Faramere Gardens, Lakeside, Airfield, Northmead

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